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CQ COTA - CQ Burgentag 2022

1st of Mai is reserved for COTA (Castles On The Air). The German COAT group
(https://www.cotagroup.org/cotagroup/) is organizing the "Deutscher Burgentag"
(German Castle-Day) as an activation day for COTA/WCA.

So I ask Dominik (DO1DOS) to join for a (first time) activation of the "Burgruine
Freudenburg" (Referenz: DL-01050).Beside the smooth activation, we got a very nice surprise as Gerardo (PH1DLB) was
visiting the castle with his family on a vacation trip. He (and we as well) was kind of
overwhelmed meeting unexpected two other hams at this location ;-)

As we had some time left and the weather was really nice, we decide to change the
location to Saarburg and do a second (double) activation of "Saarburg" (DL-01053) and
"Schloss Warsberg" (DL-01054)

Burgruine Freudenburg: