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433 MHz Moxon Antenna made with a Sheet of Paper

A while ago, inspired by some YouTube Videos where OMs build J-Pole Antennas, I built a small Moxon antenna on a Sheet of A4 Paper - using copper tape.
After a bit of testing and tuning here is now the updated Design.

If you want to rebuild it, just Download the PDF template and print it on A4 Format:
PDF File with the antenna design

As suggested from DK4HAA, here also a version with the dimmensions:
PDF File with the design and dimennsions

In addition to the paper sheet, you will 10mm copper tape (e.g. from Amazon), a short Koax cable with your preferred connector, and some tape to fixate the soldering point (Kapton tape works really well).

I also thermally laminated the paper for a better mechanical stabillity.

Work steps are:
-Print PDF
-clue copper tape on the paper sheet
-solder the connections between the tape segments
-thin the connection points for the coax wire
-put the paper in the laminating pouch
-Mark the solder points on top of the pouch
-remove the paper sheet and cut out the marked area.
-putt the paper back in the pouch and laminate it
-solder the coax cable to the thinned areas
-protect the connection point with some tape (eg Kapton)
-Test it and Have Fun!